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Make Breakfast Smoothies Your Morning Ritual

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Filling up with the right morning nutrition makes all the difference, but it can be a challenge to create fresh, healthy and beautiful breakfast recipes for your everyday. We give you five great tips below to make it easy.

One of the simplest things to liven up dreary mornings is to make a breakfast smoothie. Just throw in a couple of staple ingredients, and mix things up with superfoods, nutraceuticals, nut butters, and so on… the list is endless!

These easy and simple breakfast smoothie recipe ideas are nutritious, affordable and super delicious! They can easily be made vegan, vegetarian or keto, and all it takes is something to blitz the lot in, like a blender (counter-top or hand-held), food processor, or a NutriBullet!

1. Make it a Ritual

A healthy and refreshing start each day without any planning or agonising over options? Breakfast smoothies are a health hack, and like any positive change, it’s essential to make it a habit. Because let's be honest, it can be difficult to do anything more than slosh milk over sugary supermarket cereals...

Preparing your kitchen and removing obstacles the night before is really important. Make sure everything’s clean, out and ready to go. Get your ingredients in bulk from quality, local suppliers you can trust. Putting a little bit of conscious effort into creating a morning ritual generates positivity for the rest of your day. And before you know it, the effort will be just another routine.


2. Use freezer hacks and quality ingredients

There’s nothing worse than getting hyped for a delicious smoothie and realising you’ve got none of the ingredients! Fortunately, most of the key ingredients can be frozen or bought as simple powders, so you can buy in bulk and not worry about any nutrient loss. And it’ll all get mixed up anyway.

Frozen Bananas

What’s more, freezing your own bananas or throwing in a handful of frozen berries (like ViBERi Organic Frozen Blackcurrants or our SuperBeri Mix) adds an incredible slushy-like texture to any smoothie. Just slice bananas into 2 cm rounds and freeze — meal prep makes a real difference. You could even make ahead a week’s worth of different fruit and vegetable combos and keep them ready in the freezer.

3. Balance the simple...

Figure out a few simple base ingredients for fuel and to make your body (and wallet) feel good. Bananas are great, but there are other options, including local ones.

Why not try avocado in your next smoothie? Or rolled oats?

It’s great to combine a little liquid, like some apple juice or plant milk. Be sure to add something a bit thicker as well, like (vegan) yoghurt, ice, coconut flakes, nut butters, frozen fruit, rolled cereal flakes, avocado or even silken tofu!

4. With variety and nutraceuticals for your body’s needs

Then add in a variety of unique, fun, brightly coloured and above all healthy foods. This is the fun part!

No two bodies are alike, and neither are foods. Want a regular vegan source of Omega 3? Try chia seeds or hemp seeds. Want your daily dose of Vitamin C and antioxidants? Try loading up on berries (did we mention you can order ViBERi dried blackcurrant berries from our website?).

Blackcurrants are really easy to use and give an intense flavour and colour, either frozen from the shop or freeze dried (whole or powdered). They're also a great source of fibre, but you could also throw in something easy like spinach.

Don’t forget about the classic taste- and volume-enhancers, like a dash of cinnamon or a pinch of ground coffee, or adding in your regular protein powder. Some other ideas are mango, spirulina powder, cocoa, molasses, seeds, or psyllium husks.

5. Try Making a Smoothie Bowl

If you’re an advanced smoothie artist, why not try making up a thicker smoothie bowl, topped with granola and fresh or frozen fruits? Just use less liquid and more frozen and dry ingredients.

Smoothie bowls are a great base for morning muesli or other toppings, and they also just look gorgeous!

ViBERi SuperBeri Mix Smoothie Bowl

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